Candlepin New Gen



From February until April, candlepin bowling is back on televsion. 
Candlepin New Generation returns to NESN 

Wednesdays at 5PM starting on February 5th,
with one re-air every week.

For the first three, watch ICBA Tournament stars Jeff Surette, Jonathan Boudreau and Craig Holbrook compete with the game's top youth bowlers. In the fianl six weeks, enjoy mixed doubles matches featuring the finest young talent across New England. All episodes, and the qualifying tournamnets, are available on demand at the program's website to learn how your center can get involved with the program, contact producer Rob Taylor at

What is Candlepin New Generation?

Candlepin New Generation is the re-launch of the Candlepin for Kids web show. Founded in 2002 and airing on public access cable stations, Cox Sports, YouTube, and NESN, the show is returning candlepin bowling to television through an emphasis on the game’s youth, the new generation of candlepin bowlers. Last year, the show aired seven episodes on NESN, ending thegame’s four-year television hiatus, and reaching thousands of viewers across New England. 

What is the show’s format?

Twenty episodes are filmed across six tapings in bowling centers throughout New England, with bowlers traveling from the Cape to Bangor to even Nova Scotia to take part in the tournaments.

Each episode features a mixed doubles match between two girl/boy teams in one of three age groups: 11-and-under, 12-to-14, and 15-to-18. Bonus segments include “Beat the Pro” fan roll-offs, contestant interviews, candlepin skits, and the Hi-Lo-Jack challenge. All episodes air on YouTube and the show’s website, .

Who produces the show?

The program is independently produced by a team of candlepin bowlers, who inject their passion for the game into each episode. Executive producer and host Rob Taylor brings years of production and on-air experience at Cox Sports, HarvardX Media, and Northeastern Athletics to the program. Co-host and professional bowler Dan Gauthier adds unique insight, enthusiasm, and humor to the broadcast from his ten years of experience working on the show.

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