ICBA suggestive guide for league rules

League rules should be established by each league.


  1. Number of players on a team
    1. Regular players
    2. Substitutes
    3. Minimum to play match
  2. Number of teams in league.
  3. Number of matches to be played.
  4. Starting time of matches.
  5. How long to wait for a late player.
  6. Score to be taken for an absent bowler
  7. Number of strings each match.
  8. Price to be paid for bowling.
  9. What money to be allocated for services.
    1. Secretary
    2. Other
  10. League schedule to be used.
  11. Team number given each team.
  12. What system to use.
    1. Rounds
    2. One session
    3. Two session
  13. Whether scratch or handicap.
  14. Point system approved.