Requirements for Recognition

The ICBA will recognize only scores bowled  that conforms to the ICBA rules and lane and equipments specifications and all other rule requirements.  All aspects of these events will have the opportunity for a bowler and or bowlers to break and ICBA record.

  1. Record scores must be bowled on sanctioned lanes and in conformance with all rules and regulations of the ICBA.
  2. Record score must have been bowled under controlled conditions: League Play, Published Tournaments, all aspects of TV Roll-offs and State and Provincial  Events. All aspects of pro or  amateur tours. Controlled conditions being defined as League Play, Published Tournaments, TV Roll-offs, TV Semi Finals, TV Finals, TV Taping, State and Provincial Tournaments and State and Provincial Tournament Finals, Pro and Amateur Tours. All aspects of these events will have the opportunity for a bowler and/or bowlers to break the ICBA record.
  3. An approved and working automatic foul detection devise or a competent foul line judge (one for each eight lanes) must have been employed during the full time the score was being bowled.
  4. Approved balls, pins and pinsetters must have been used. Once the proposed record is scored, balls and pins used must be immediately held by the center proprietor.
  5. The following records are always at stake:
    1. The single string record. May be any single string if more than one string is bowled in the event.
    2. The record for the total number of strings of the event
    3. Individual, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Team, Mixed Teams
  6. In more than a three string event, consecutive strings must be used, beginning with the first string.  For example – A bowler cannot use the second, third and fourth string for the three string record, etc.
  7. At least one week advance publicity must be given of the event if other than regular league play.
  8. There must be at least four bowlers in a regular, publicized shift, two bowlers per lane.
    In a finals or elimination event whereas there will be less than four bowlers because of a established format. These bowlers are eligible for records.
  9. No handicapped scores will be recognized.
  10. Notification of a record breaking score must be made to the President or Executive Manager of the appropriate state, provincial or local association within 24 hours from  the time of the proposed record was bowled. 
  11. The President or Executive manager of the appropriate state  provincial or local  association must immediately within 24 hours call their lane inspector.
  12. The lane inspector must, within 72 hours from the time the proposed record score was bowled,  inspect the lane (s), pins,  balls and pin setters used by the bowlers to be sure all lanes and equipment conform to the ICBA standards and specifications.  For any reason the local lane inspector is unable to inspect the lanes and equipment  in the allocated time arrangements need to be made to call an alternative ICBA inspector for inspection of lanes and equipment.
  13. The appropriate state, provincial or local associations shall at the next regularly scheduled or special meeting called to vote on recognition of the new score as a state provincial  or local association record.
  14. Following approval of the record by the state provincial or local association, all scores submitted to the ICBA for record approval shall come before the Board of Directors at the next Board of Director meeting for approval as an ICBA record.  
  15. Awards presented to a bowler and/or bowlers will be decided by committee.
  16. No substitutes allowed. The original starting lineup must be used during the whole match or roll-off.   No rules shall be waivered.\



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